31 Women-Founded Brands to Shop for International Women’s Day and Beyond

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In case you haven’t heard: March is Women’s History Month, and today, Wednesday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. In celebration, we’ve curated an excellent assortment of women-founded brands you can shop today and every day.


Whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey with Girlfriend Collective, decorate your kitchen with Estelle Colored Glass or level up your skincare collection with budding brand Tower 28, there is no shortage of fabulous women-owned brands for elevating your beauty routine, home and lifestyle.

Of course, our list of women-founded brands isn’t exhaustive. There are a ton of other stellar women-founded and female-owned companies, so it’s important to do your own research to find new brands that align with your interests and lifestyle. Of course, supporting women-owned businesses doesn’t end when April begins, so bookmark this page so you can shop ET’s picks of women-founded brands year-round.

Discover and shop products from female entrepreneurs and woman business owners below.

Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzah wanted to create a “gold standard” jewelry company, so they started Aurate New York. Beyond creating high-quality jewelry and accessories, Aurate upholds gold-standard working conditions as well. From ethical working conditions to a direct-to-consumer approach, Aurate creates some sophisticated and delicate designs without any unnecessary hoops.


The Aurate Medium Chain Necklace is a simple design, which makes it the perfect style for layering with another necklace or two.


Co-founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio started Away to create a better way to travel. Because traveling is already a stressful time, it always makes it a bit easier when you know you’re packing up your valuables in a reliable carry-on or suitcase. And, it doesn’t hurt if your luggage just so happens to be stylish.


Away has some of the most popular luggage on the market right now. Before you check out, this splurge-worthy travel gear also offers the opportunity to add a more personalized touch with a customizable luggage tag and a custom monogram on the luggage itself.


Jewelry company BaubleBar was started in 2011 by best friends Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain. The company quickly became a jewelry and accessory leader, with celebrities like Brie Larson, Lizzo and Jennifer Lopez spotted wearing BaubleBar embellishments. From stackable rings to personalized necklaces and everything in between, including NFL and Disney accessories, BaubleBar has a bit of something for everyone.


Huggie earrings, which hug the earlobe as the name implies, are all the rage right now. Get in on the trend with these gold earrings elevated with luxe cubic zirconia.



Founder Kathrin Hamm started the self-care and lifestyle company after falling in love with weighted blankets. Self-care should always include well-rested sleep, so it’s easy to see why Bearaby produces so many different sizes of hand-knit and sustainable weighted blankets.


Made from super soft organic cotton, the Cotton Napper by Bearaby is evenly weighted, so you can sleep more comfortably.


“What drives us at Bolden, is to do the necessary work and earn our place as a trusted voice that inspires women to nurture, value, and love their natural beauty,” said best friends and business partners Chinelo and Ndidi about their skincare brand. Made specifically for brown and Black skin, its acne treatments, dark spot correctors, glow enhancers and other products are vegan and cruelty-free.


Protect your skin from the sun without worrying about white cast using BOLDEN’s vitamin C-enhanced sunscreen.


Lulu Cordero is the founder and CEO of Bomba Curls. From her experience with traction alopecia, Cordero set out to develop a haircare company that celebrates and nurtures curls. Bomba Curls is a vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free Afro-Dominicana-owned company. Customers can enjoy the products that help define their hair’s natural texture without worrying about parabens and sulfates.

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls’ Dominican Forbidden Hair Mask helps your hair hold onto its moisture. This hair mask also helps to protect your hair follicles, so it’s best to apply the mask after your wash day to prevent your follicles from getting damaged. Plus, this hair mask helps your hair stay shiny and healthy.


After a career in finance, Nancy Twine reignited her passion again by founding Briogeo. Twine’s company celebrates every hair type and texture. Briogeo doesn’t just celebrate healthy natural hair, the Black-owned company also actively supports a healthier planet by reducing plastic use, making less waste and responsibly sourcing its materials.


Briogeo’s Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask is a hydrating mask that especially targets damaged and chemically treated hair. Since it’s free of sulfates, silicones and parabens, it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Instead, it moisture your hair and helps repair its natural texture.


CEO and founder Priscilla Tsai started her clean beauty brand after her career as a Wall Street investment banker. Having lived with acne, Tsai saw a problem in the beauty industry: a lack of sustainable products that target sensitive skin. Thus, she decided to launch an affordable and sustainable skincare brand. As a company, Cocokind openly displays its carbon footprint and routinely updates it on the brand’s blog.


Chia seeds and chia seed oil are rich in fatty Omega-3s. It’s no wonder Cocokind made a Chia Facial Oil. Since Omega-3s help regulate your skin’s oil production, they help reduce acne breakouts. Plus, chia seed oil is only a 1 on the comedogenic oil scale, so it isn’t likely to clog your pores.


With minimalism taking a backseat, the last few years of home design have been all about bold colors and vintage-inspired styles — which is why we love Estelle Colored Glass. Founded by Stephanie Summerson Hall, the Charleston-based brand is beloved for its Instagram-friendly selection of colorful glassware. Each piece is hand-blown by artisans in Poland, making them an elevated addition to any home.

West Elm

Serve up cocktails and bottles of bubbly in these hand-blown coupe glasses from Estelle Colored Glass.


Founded by Remi Brixton, Freck Beauty created the first freckled cosmetic: Freck OG. Freck Beauty embraces every face and has multiple products beyond their famous Freck OG, such as the Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighter and the So Jelly Cactus Eye Jelly. All the products at Freck Beauty are vegan and cruelty-free.

Freck Beauty

Now that freckles have become hyper-popular thanks to all the TikTok filters, you can add your own faux-freckles to your everyday look. And if you’ve been blessed with natural freckles, you can add your freckles back on whenever you apply your foundation or BB cream.


Co-founder and creative director Ellie Dinh started Girlfriend Collective with three critical words in mind: supportive, sustainable and stylish. All the clothes are made to be fashionable and support the right places on your body. The bonus is all the clothes at Girlfriend Collective are made from recycled water bottles. Let’s face it: It’s better to rock this cute One Shoulder Bra than have several bottles taking up space in a landfill.

Girlfriend Collective

Not only are these leggings made by a size-inclusive small business, they’re also eco-friendly. Oprah explains, “The pieces are sweat-wicking, high-compression, and high-waisted, and 79% of the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles.”


Trinity Mouzon Wofford is the co-founder and CEO of Golde. She started the superfood-enriched lifestyle brand from her one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. The Black-owned company advocates self-care and wellness through products you can enjoy (and reap the rewards from). After all, healthy products are always best when they feel and taste good.


The Golde Superfood Latte Sampler comes with three different enriched latte flavors including turmeric, cacao and matcha. The sampler contains 12 latte packets, as well as all the caffeine you love from coffee and lattes.


Co-founder and CEO Ju Rhyu kicked off Hero Cosmetics’ official launch with just one product: the Mighty Patch. She came across the skincare benefits of hydrocolloid patches in South Korea and wanted to bring this acne-fighting skincare product to the states. It makes sense why Rhyu dubbed her brand Hero Cosmetics, seeing as her company is saving us all from pimples and clogged pores.


You know that oily gunk that makes your nose super shiny in the middle of the day? That’s sebum, which comes from your overactive sebaceous glands. Sebum can potentially clog your pores, giving you blackheads and pimples. Thankfully, the Mighty Patch for your nose can help you get rid of any breakouts.


Sasha Plavsic co-founded ILIA Beauty alongside her brother, Zachary Ilia. The sibling team started ILIA Beauty to create a more transparent beauty brand that uses cleaner ingredients. With several items that include SPF and beneficial skincare ingredients, like squalane and hyaluronic acid, the brand helps customers make the most of their makeup.


“I found so many eye creams didn’t work with concealer or provide all the benefits I was looking for,” wrote one reviewer of ILIA’s new eye cream. “Bright Start targets my concerns and feels amazing in the morning as a wakeup call for eyes. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a cooling effect with an applicator that doubles as a massage tool.”


Founder and CEO Linda Wang started skincare brand Karuna Skin to popularize sheet masks in the U.S. Having suffered from eczema, Wang curates all her products with sensitive skin in mind. Most of Karuna Skin’s products are created without any parabens, mineral oil and dyes.

Karuna Skin

Revive dehydrated skin with this deeply moisturizing sheet mask.


To promote body acceptance, Katie Sturino founded Megababe. Megababe sells a bunch of beauty essentials that everyone of any size can benefit from. With the weather warming up, we’re especially grateful for Sturnio’s line of products that prevent chafing and deal with sweat.


Megababe’s Thigh Rescue is a life saver… or at least a thigh saver. This roll-on stick helps prevent friction. Plus, it contains aloe vera which can help soothe your irritated skin, especially if your thighs rub against one another. Thigh Rescue also contains a bunch of other powerful ingredients like pomegranate seed extract, vitamin E and ginger root extract.


With the help of professional trainers and physiologists, Brynn Jinnett Putnam founded Mirror back in 2016. Mirror truly is a game-changer because it brings the gym to your home without all the bulky equipment. With the Mirror membership, you can follow along in various classes and training programs, and you can even sign up for additional one-on-one personal training.


The Mirror Basic elevates your standard mirror and transforms it into a built-in gym. Thanks to its LED 1080p display, you can use Mirror Basic to follow along with a ton of different workout routines. Plus, the surround sound lets you get into the zone with your favorite songs.


Tera Peterson is the co-founder and CCO of NuFACE. As a Microcurrent Aesthetician, Peterson has the professional experience to back up all of her beauty advice and her microcurrent devices.


NuFACE’s toning devices and kits are loved by multiple celebrities (and a lot of other people). NuFACE’s Mini Starter Kit is built for anyone with a hectic schedule. Use this kit for about 5 minutes each day, and you have your own faux-face lift.


In 2013, Sarah Gibson Tuttle founded Olive & June to help everyone fuel their passion for manicures and pedicures. Tuttle created Olive & June so that people around the world could experience a salon-quality mani without having to actually make an appointment at a salon every few weeks.

Olive & June

Olive & June’s The Lazy Genius Trio includes three different vibrant nail polish shades. Included in the trio are TLG (an orchid purple hue), Start Small (a neutral tan) and You’re Doing Great (a red with an orange undertone). Of course, if you sign up for Olive & June’s membership you get a few dollars off the price.



Shiza Shahid is the co-founder and co-CEO of Our Place, which is on a mission to help everyone connect through food. Shahid tells Glamour that she started the company to help simplify cookware and make it more accessible. Instead of selling pricey and bulky sets that only professional chefs know how to use, Our Place focuses on high-quality and beautiful kitchen essentials.

Our Place

The Always Pan is the ideal cooking essential. Use it to saut? a side dish, fry an entree in a shallow oil bath and everything in between.


Fashion designer Nicola Pelly co-founded Parachute along with architect Harry Parnass. The home essentials and loungewear company helps make everyone’s living space a little bit more comfortable and chic.


Cozy-up in this soft Turkish Cotton Robe during your days off and down time. The best part of this robe (other than its plush cotton fabric)? It’s designed with two pockets.


Founded by self-taught graphic designer, Dana Bly, Pardon My Fro creates clothes, accessories and home decor that stand out from the crowd, featuring illustration and graphic designs that celebrate women who are proud of their hair and heritage.

Pardon My Fro

Need a new travel bag? This stunning duffel, featuring a beautiful illustration graphic, is perfect for a weekend getaway.


CEO and Founder Denise Woodard started Partake Foods because of her daughter’s food allergies. Woodard creates various decadent snack recipes to help make delicious treats, such as brownies and cookies, more accessible to people with multiple food allergies. All Partake Foods products are completely free of peanuts, eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts, sesame, GMOs, artificial preservatives and artificial flavors.


These allergy-friendly cookies are the perfect sampler pack. The variety pack includes chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chip cookies and birthday cake cookies. Not only are these cookies vegan, but they’re also gluten-free.


Petra Strand, a makeup artist and industry veteran, founded Pixi Beauty over 20 years ago. Thanks to her passion for the beauty industry, Strand started Pixi Beauty to create makeup and skincare products that look good and are good for your skin.

Pixi Beauty

Ceramides are basically made for your skin because they’re a part of your skin. Since your epidermis consists of 30-40% of ceramides, the Rose Ceramide Cream helps replenish that supply to the top layer of your skin. Since your epidermis gets its moisture from ceramides, this cream helps keep your skin hydrated.


Co-founders Evah Jackson, Sarah DeBoer and Nathan Jackson started their luxury towel brand, Resor?, to help improve everyone’s skincare routine. Skincare and towels might seem like two completely different industries, but the fabrics you use in your day-to-day life can really impact your skin’s health. Softer towels and other textiles are generally gentler on your skin. As firm believers that cleaner towels help make your skin clearer and healthier, Jackson and DeBoer help bring better towels to your kitchen and bathrooms.


Washcloths are great for scrubbing your face in the morning or for patting your skin dry. It only makes it better when you can enjoy your daily routine with a cleaner and softer washcloth.


Joy Harari, the founder and CEO of Shore Magic, came across the wellness benefits of collagen while researching alternatives to bone broth. Then, Harari set out on a mission to share the health benefits of hydrolyzed marine collagen with the rest of the world.

Shore Magic

Collagen has so many great uses. You can add it in your drink of choice to help diminish wrinkles and other fine lines and improve your skin’s elasticity. Plus, Shore Magic’s Collagen Powder has a nearly perfect 5-star rating with 184 reviews.


Founder and CEO Sarah Kauss created S’well in the pursuit of getting rid of single-use plastic bottles. Creating durable water bottles, tumblers and mugs helps fight the need for single-use water bottles and other bottled beverages. After all, one single-use bottle of water has a pretty large carbon footprint and a large grey water footprint.


The 24 ounce Takeaway Tumbler is perfect for enjoying your morning java or tea at home or on the go. It’s BPA-free and BPS-free, dishwasher-safe and it comes with a flexible straw.


Co-founders Eliza Blank and Gwen Blevens created a company just for people obsessed with plants. Blank and Blevens started The Sill from a Kickstarted campaign. They wanted to help others promote their self-care through plants, and The Sill even has multiple subscriptions built for those with green thumbs.

The Sill

This best-sellers duo from The Sill offers two gorgeous plants that will grow and flourish in your home.


Co-founder and CEO Elisabeth Vezzani launched gifting company Sugarwish in 2013, which acquired Vinebox in 2021. (Vinebox was originally co-founded by Rachel Vodofsky and Matt Dukes.) Whether your loved one adores wine or sweet treats, both Vinebox and Sugarwish are great options.


If you know someone with a sweet tooth, they’ll love this Candy Sugarwish. It comes in various different sizes, and you can pick out the candies included in the gift.

$25 AND UP


Celebrate International Women’s Day with three unique wines in Vinebox’s Interesting Grapes collection. The miniature sampler gives you an Italian red wine, a Spanish white wine and a dark cherry wine. Take a tour of Europe’s best wines without leaving your living room.


Having struggled with sensitive skin all her life, Tower28 founder Amy Liu wanted to create a line of hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested products that still felt fun to use. Her clean beauty brand Tower 28 — named after a lifeguard tower in Santa Monica — specializes in sensitive skin-friendly makeup and skincare


This toning spray from Tower28 is infused with antibacterial hypochlorous acid — naturally produced by your skin — to help soothe irritation.


Named after the Swahili word for “wellness,” Ustawi’s line of skincare is specifically formulated with melanin-rich skin in mind. The brand is created in tandem with board-certified dermatologists to deliver the most effective and safe products for your skin — and it’s how Abbott Elementary‘s Sheryl Lee Ralph got her skin red carpet-ready for the American Music Awards. Singer Cassie also swears by the brand’s vitamin C serum for her signature glow.


Packed full of antioxidants, this red clay mask can help minimize oil while hydrating your skin. Vitamin C plus niancinamide and baobab fruit work to brighten your skin and create a more even tone.



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