’90 Day Fianc?’ Tell-All: Jen and Rishi Are Back Together But Nobody Is Happy

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Jen and Rishi just can’t quit one another. After their tearful breakup on the season finale of 90 Day Fianc?: The Other Way, during part two of the tell-all special that aired on Sunday on TLC, the couple revealed they had reunited. However, things were still far from smooth sailing between the two, as Rishi still had trouble sticking up for Jen when it comes to telling his family they’re engaged.


Jen said that after their breakup, she and Rishi reconnected at a mutual friend’s wedding and they were intimate.

“It was pretty amazing,” she shared, while he boldly called it “salvation.”

However, her fellow 90 Day Fianc? castmates weren’t supportive of the reunion, calling out Rishi for not standing up to his family for Jen. Rishi’s family doesn’t approve of their relationship given Jen and Rishi’s 15-year age difference, and a major issue between the two this season was that he hid their two-year engagement from his parents. Debbie bluntly called him a “coward.” Rishi didn’t have a response to that, other than saying his mom was just “concerned” about him.

Gabe noted, “Bro, you say a lot of words and then you just dance in circles for nothing. Just say what you have to say.”

Rishi again tried to avoid saying if his family or Jen comes first, but he finally admitted that he would choose his family at the end of the day. Jen and Rishi also weren’t even on the same page about whether they’re still engaged — Jen said they weren’t, but he said he still refers to her as his fianc?e. Jen said that for them to be engaged again there would have to be major changes, like Rishi leaving his mother’s house. Rishi claimed he was in fact taking the steps to support both his family and Jen. But he again got criticized by his castmates for not being direct when they asked him if his family knew he and Jen were supposedly engaged again.

Later, Rishi’s mom and uncle appeared virtually and clearly didn’t know that he and Jen were engaged again. His mom made it clear they did not approve because of the age difference between the couple. But Rishi insisted that he planned to marry Jen after his castmates called him out for being a liar. Jen said she was “annoyed” and wasn’t sure if their relationship was going anywhere. Eventually, host Shaun Robinson asked Rishi’s mom to speak directly to Jen. His mom told Jen that she was surprised to hear of her age and again, could not accept the fact that at 47 years old, she was 15 years older than her 32-year-old son. Jen was clearly insulted.

“I’m not going to be age shamed, I’m sorry,” she said.

Jen then pressured Rishi to tell his family that he was planning to marry her within a year whether he had their permission or not if he really wanted to be engaged. He did tell eventually them that after again beating around the bush. But his mom made it clear she wasn’t on board and that he could not get married, and his uncle reiterated that they could not accept it.

Jen was still unhappy with the situation even though Rishi told them what she wanted to hear, noting, “It’s a lot of talk, not a lot of action. You know what, if it happens, it happens, otherwise I mean, like, I gotta move on.”

In a preview of the third and final part of the tell-all, Jen is shown breaking down in tears backstage. During a FaceTime call with Rishi, she tells him, “Your mom thinks I’m too old and you know what, f**k her. It’s just so f**king hurtful and if I ever hear her say that ever again, we will never speak again — never, never.”


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