Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Bring Their Dogs Out on ‘Tonight Show’ — Watch Petey Give Jimmy Fallon a Hug!

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s giant poodle isn’t camera shy.


When Teigen and Legend made their rare joint appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, they didn’t come alone — they brought their fur babies with them!

The couple brought out two of their four dogs, Petey and Penny. In addition to Petey and Penny, they own Pearl the Basset Hound, and their newest addition, Pebbles. The pups inspired their dog food and treat line, Kismet, which launched May 1.

“So, we have four kids, four dogs. It was time,” Teigen answered as to why she and her husband founded Kismet. “I’m obviously very invested in the food world, so this is just a natural extension of it, and it’s been so great. It’s really fun.”

The pair described why they built their brand on Instagram.

“📢 Attention dog people!” the caption read. “After all these years of having dogs in our lives, we’ve never really felt like there was a brand that nailed the whole dog parent thing. Life with dogs can be messy and hectic, yet also totally heart melting. We wanted a brand that felt like that.”

Kismet is made by dog lovers, for dog lovers. 

“So we decided to build one together,” the post continued. “A brand that feels and looks different – something for pets AND their people. We worked with board certified vet nutritionists to develop delicious food for dogs that’s every bit as nutritious as fresh but more convenient and accessibly priced. We’ve also got treats, merch we actually wanna wear, bingeable content, and so much more.”

Teigen and Legend said their dogs (as well as Drew Barrymore’s) love the premium food. When asked by Fallon to prove it, Legend was ready.

“We have a couple of them here,” The Voice coach revealed. “You want to meet them?”

As the crowd roared with applause, Teigen walked out Petey, an adorable giant poodle wearing a bandana with Kismet brand colors. She led Petey to Fallon and then asked the pup to give the host a big hug.

While standing on his hind legs, Petey was almost the same size as Fallon.

“What in the world are you? You’re beautiful. Oh my god, you’re beautiful,” Fallon said with a huge smile when Petey rested his paws on his shoulders. “That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“That’s the only trick he knows,” joked Teigen as she led Petey back to the couch.

“That’s Petey, he likes to hug. He’s the tall guy. And this is Penny, she’s our three-legged friend,” said Legend while holding Penny, their French bulldog. “She was abused. She’s our oldest dog. She’s 10 and a half years old now.”

Penny was also wearing a bandana with Kismet brand colors.

“She’s seen every part of us,” Teigen chimed in. “She’s seen the dogs we had really early in our relationship come and go. She’s been there for every baby, every loss, everything we’ve ever experienced. She’s our everything.”

“She’s a sweetie pie,” Legend added.

The dogs were rewarded by Fallon and Legend with Kismet treats.

But the family couldn’t leave the stage without Petey giving Fallon one last heartwarming hug.


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