‘Diana, The Musical’ Stars on If They Think the Royals Will Watch the Show (Exclusive)

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It seems that more than 20 years after her death, Princess Diana is still everywhere. The late Princess of Wales, who tragically died in 1997, is being portrayed on Netflix’s The Crown, in the new film Spencer by Kristen Stewart, and now on Broadway in Diana, The Musical.


ET spoke with the cast of the moving show including lead Jeanna De Waal (Diana), Judy Kaye (Queen Elizabeth), Roe Hartrampf (Prince Charles) and Erin Davies (Camilla Parker-Bowles) about the show, which has also been filmed for Netflix, and whether or not they think the royals will be watching.

“I am sure there are people around them that have checked it out,” Hartrampf mused.

“That’s what I would do if I was them,” Davies agreed. “I would have my friends look at it first and have them tell me what they think.”

“I think it’s like drunk Boxing Day where they spend their day [watching],” De Waal speculated.

“Oh, that would be amazing,” Hartrampf said, suggesting, “Some egg nog, a hot toddy, throw on the Netflix.”

Kaye commented on Prince Harry potentially watching the show, considering his and wife Meghan Markle’s recent Netflix deal.

“Harry might ’cause he’s, I think, he’s a curious guy and I think he’s able to sort of stand outside all of it and view it in a way that probably the folks that are in that bubble still, in that incredible bubble, probably can’t even allow themselves,” Kaye said. “I’m sure the queen hasn’t seen it. I’m not sure she’s seen any Netflix. She probably sticks to the tried and true, mostly news, but I’ll bet they’ve had a look.”

Evan Zimmerman Murphy

One big element of the show are the wigs and costumes, which help the stars transform into the real-life players.

“Yeah, hugely helpful,” De Waal said of the impressive costumes. “At the start in the show, Diana’s still in her sort of — for lack of a better word — frumpy stage… and by the end, she’s sexy and amazing. It really does that work for you, and it’s doing so much of the work for you. Like, it’s one thing to see yourself in the mirror once I’m in them, I sorta forget… but I see it and I can see myself, like, catch it and I can see myself changing.”

The show’s delay due to the coronavirus pandemic has not lessened the audience’s enthusiasm for the musical.

“I’m having such a fun time with that audience,” Kaye said. “Before the shutdown, they came in loaded like that, they were, when I say loaded, I don’t mean they were drunk, the audience came in very excited at the opportunity to experience this story in person and it resumed, thank god, when we came back. They’re ready, they have missed that opportunity. I don’t know, maybe it’s like a Rocky Horror Show kind of response? I don’t know how to explain it, but they’re very involved and they’re very, very moved.”

Diana, The Musical opened on Broadway on Nov. 17 and is now streaming on Netflix.


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