Glen Powell Shares Shirtless Thirst Trap Selfie With Dog Brisket on ‘Twisters’ Set

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We can’t decide who’s cuter… Glen Powell or his dog!


The Anyone But You actor, 35, took to Instagram on Monday to share behind-the-scenes moments with his adorable puppy, Brisket, who has been keeping him company on the Twistersset. But fans were especially drawn to the final photo in Powell’s carousel, which involved him wearing only a low-waisted towel. In the thirst trap, a shirtless Powell carries his phone in one hand and Brisket in the other.

“Shortly after being adopted, @hotbrisket joined the cast of Twisters and was quickly called ‘the Lassie of his generation.’ Rumors are swirling of him leading a Homeward Bound reboot that would crown him as ‘Hollywood’s King of the Animal Kingdom,'” Powell captioned his post.

As for the rest of the photos, Brisket cuddled with other cast members, including Brandon Perea, Katy O’Brian, Daisy Edgar-Jones and David Corenswet. But Brisket looked especially happy with his father, even wearing matching cowboy hats in one photo.

“The Twisters movie made me realize that my heart was soft enough to become a father,” Powell said in a video posted to Brisket’s Instagram account, which has reached more than 30,000 followers. “So I adopted an adorable puppy named Brisket. Brisket is a dog that I’ve gotten here since I’d been in Oklahoma City to keep me company. You know, since the tornadoes just don’t cuddle the same.”

Brisket knows how to work a camera. On Sunday, Edgar-Jones posted a video of herself with Powell, Perea and Brisket posing modelesque together as their hair was blown by the wind.

But the internet has decided that Powell is definitely the cuter one. Fans went wild on X (formerly Twitter) after Powell posted his shirtless selfie. “Glen Powell” is currently one of the top trending terms on X.

In February, Powell chatted with ET about his experiences working on Twistersand the invaluable advice he received from his Top Gun: Maverick co-star, Tom Cruise.

Reflecting on his interactions with Cruise, Powell revealed that he imparted wisdom that left a lasting impact. Cruise shared with Powell that “pressure is a privilege.”

Speaking about the collaborative effort behind Twisters, Powell praised the team’s dedication, remarking that they truly “stuck the landing.”

He also reflected on his journey in Hollywood, likening his career to a marathon, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and avoiding regrets. 

“You know, I feel like I have the benefit of the marathon, not the sprint, at this point where I’ve gotten a chance to see that if you miss out on a role, there’s another one around the corner that’s actually right for you,” Powell said.

Twisters, an update to the 1996 film Twister, hits theaters on July 19.


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