How to Watch ‘Lightyear’ — New Disney and Pixar Movie Now Streaming

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Pixar and Walt Disney Studios

Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear is now available to stream at home. The sci-fi action film hit Disney Plus this morning after originally landing in theaters on June 17. Giving fans a long-awaited look into the iconic character before he became a popular toy, the Buzz Lightyear origin story was the first Pixar movie in years to premiere in cinemas. You can now watch the prequel spin-off of the iconic Toy Story films at home.

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Lightyear takes place before the first Toy Story movie and shows how Andy became obsessed with everyone’s favorite space ranger. Before Andy opened up his Buzz Lightyear toy on his birthday in the first Toy Story movie, Buzz had a tale of his own. In Lightyear, we finally get to witness Buzz Lightyear’s heroic endeavors firsthand.

The cast is filled with a legendary crew that includes Chris Evans (voices Buzz Lightyear), Keke Palmer (voices Izzy Hawthorne), Taika Waititi (voices Mo Morrison), James Brolin (voices Zurg) and many more talented actors. We know you’re ready to fill your nostalgic heart with this intergalactic tale, so we have all the details on when, where and how you can watch Lightyear — along with how you can stream the first four Toy Story movies and more.

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