Jeremy Renner Says ‘Pain is Progress’ While Attempting to Jog After Snow Plow Accident

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Jeremy Renner‘s miraculous recovery continues after a horrifying and near-fatal snowplow accident.

The Avengersstar shared another inspiring workout video to his Instagram Story on Thursday, declaring “pain is progress for me” as he embarked on what he says is his “first attempt at a very light jog with weight assisted lift for the broken tibia.”

Renner suffered 30-plus broken bones when he was crushed by a snow plow near his home in the Mt. Rose Highway area of Reno, Nevada, in January.

During his recovery session on Thursday, Renner can be heard carrying on a light conversation with his trainer and even laughing as he comments on his broken leg, saying, “Thank goodness for the titanium.”

Jeremy Renner / Instagram

The 52-year-old actor has been sharing plenty of looks at his healing journey, including more impressive workout videos and showing off his progress “one step at a time.”

He even appears to have returned to work, presumably filming his Disney+ series, Rennervations. Earlier this month, he posted a pic of himself on a bus smiling while holding on his cane. Renner overlayed the photo with the text, “Back at the yard. Back in the shop, With mom.”

Renner has said that it’s his 10-year-old daughter, Ava, who inspires him to keep going. In April, the actor posted a photo featuring a note from Ava on a mirror that reads, “Hi Beautiful,” with a smiley face. Over the image, Renner wrote, “My daughter inspires me … what inspires you?”

In another snap, Renner captured a note left by Ava on a treadmill. It read, “Just keep running. Just keep running.”

Just three months after his horrific accident, Renner was all smiles as he held a cane in one hand and his daughter’s hand in the other at his Rennervations Hollywood premiere.

“A lot of my recovery was based on this show and setting the intention for me to be upright and walking and out of the bed for this show,” Renner told ET. “And obviously for my daughter. [My recovery] affected so many people, my family, my friends, and the show is a great representation of that.”

Renner explained that “the work was making sure that it was gonna come out on time.”


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