‘Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden Summoned to Actual Jury Duty

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Manny Carabel/Getty Images for Amazon


Ronald Gladden has to report for jury duty… for real this time. The breakout star of Jury Duty took to his Instagram Story on Friday to hilariously reveal that he’s been summoned to real-life jury duty.

“Coincidental timing?” Gladden quipped alongside a pic of his summons, even tagging the county of San Diego in his post.

Instagram / Ronald Gladden

The post is a nod to Gladden’s role in the Amazon Freevee series. The mockumentary, which stars James Marsden, depicts what it’s like to be part of the American jury process. The only person who didn’t know that the show was fake was Gladden, who thought they were reviewing a real case during the duration of filming.

Gladden previously poked fun at himself when he starred in a commercial for Ryan Reynolds‘ wireless company, joking that he has some “major trust issues” after going through “some s**t” on the show.

When ET spoke to Gladden, he revealed there were a few times when he thought what he signed up for — “a very serious behind-the-scenes look at what happens during the judicial process” — was actually a reality-type TV show.

“There were multiple moments,” Gladden said, revealing that on the third day of filming, there was an incident involving the paparazzi getting into the courthouse that led to a security guard getting fired. “And I turned to James and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m on reality TV.'”

“I didn’t know this at the time, but after I had said that, I went into the bathroom and James ran into the control room and told them like, ‘Hey, we gotta cut it way back. He’s onto us,'” Gladden added.

As for Marsden’s take on the whole thing, he told ET he signed up “because it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

“This is really unique and challenging myself in a way that I’ve never challenged myself before… I’m finding myself stepping into more scary things recently, because I do think that’s a healthy way, especially in the creative space,” he said. “You’ve just gotta be able to take a swing, you gotta be brave enough to fall on your face, you’ve gotta be brave enough to be boring. I never want it to be easy. I always want it to keep me a little bit on edge and keep me challenging myself.”


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