Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin Share Adorable Update on 1-Year-Old Twins (Exclusive)

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Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, are learning for themselves that the “terrible twos” don’t start when children turn 2. Their twins — Violet and Alexander — are already exhibiting “terror”-like behavior, albeit “cute terror.”


ET’s Brice Sander spoke with Bass and Turchin on Thursday night at the 5th annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills, and the couple opened up about the best part of being parents to twins, who in just a matter of months will turn 2.

“Apparently my mom says they already started,” said Bass about the twins, whom the couple welcomed in October 2021 via surrogate. “So, yeah, especially our son. He’s a terror. He’s a terror.”

“A cute terror,” Turchin gently interjected. “But a terror.”

While the couple may already find themselves on high alert for twins who are only 17 months old, there’s moments when the pair’s heart just absolutely melts with pure joy and love.

“Them hugging you,” said Bass when asked about the best part of being dads to children at this age.

“Yeah, right now they hug and yell ‘Dada’ and ‘Papa,’ and like when you walk into the room they light up,” added Turchin. “It’s amazing.”

Just be careful when you say the name Kevin around the kiddos, who, somehow, instinctively slap their face, a la Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. Never mind that the kids have not seen Home Alone!

Bass said it’s the couple’s favorite trick — shouting “Kevin!” — and seeing the kids do the face slap.

“They’ve never seen Home Alone,” Turchin said, “but they learned how to do that.”

And this then begs the question — does this mean the little ones have a future in Hollywood?

“I hope to God not,” Bass said emphatically.

It was date night for Bass and Turchin — both dressed to the nines in matching tuxedos — who looked ecstatic about being at a gala for the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, a non-profit dog rescue organization, working on domestic and international fronts to create a better world for dogs.

Though the kids didn’t tag along for this red carpet, they’re no strangers to big events. Back in February, the twins made their red carpet debut at the Gold Meets Golden event in Beverly Hills, where the twins wore adorable matching kicks along with tiny T-shirts and jeans. There was a cute moment when Alexander tried to grab the ET microphone.

“He does like a microphone, I have to say,” quipped Bass at the time. The couple also shared with ET their wildest parenting moments.

“Flying is high stress,” Turchin said.

“We’re going to fly as little as possible with them, that’s for sure,” added Bass.

Thankfully, no catastrophes just yet. “Just a few meltdowns but everyone’s been very nice,” Turchin shared.

Despite the challenges of parenting 1-year-olds, Bass said “having these two” has been the best part of their marriage. But when it comes to the secret to their successful relationship, Bass said it all comes down to communication.

“I think the first two years we were together, we didn’t know how to communicate because we were very opposite in that way,” he admitted. “I used to talk about everything, and he holds everything in. Now we’re able to swap a little bit and get it out of each other.”


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