Michael Strahan Jokes He ‘Might Wear a Diaper’ to Space for Blue Origin Flight

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Michael Strahan is willing to take all the necessary precautions ahead of his space flight with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. The 50-year-old Good Morning America host is set to take off into space on Dec. 9, and recently shared how he’s preparing for the experience on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


“I had to fly the other day, and I’m looking at the thing and it tells you that you’re 43,000 feet and I’m going, ‘Man, this is way up here. Look at this!’ And then I realize this is nothing. So I might wear a diaper!” he quipped.

Strahan noted that he saw the first Blue Origin flight take off and land in person and was blown away.

“It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen outside of childbirth, and it made you emotional to see it. It completely changed my mind about why, if I would want to do it, the reasoning behind it, why other people want to do it,” he explained. “Then I, pretty much, a few months later or so, got a call saying, ‘Do you want to go up?'”

The morning show host is excited to have this experience and to use his platform to share it with viewers.

“It gives you a different perspective, and I think that’s what I’m looking for, to see a different perspective on, almost like an out-of-body experience of looking at planet Earth, where we live from outside of planet Earth,” he said. “And kind of understanding the bigger picture of the planet and the bigger picture of why we’re here. And for me to be on GMA every morning, to be able to come out and express that to people from someone that they see every morning and who had the opportunity to do that. And not just someone who goes up and they come down and they do a thing here or there. But to be there every day, being able to explain this, that has my curiosity piqued.”

Strahan noted that he has not yet spoken to actor William Shatner, who went up in the second Blue Origin flight back in October. At 90, Shatner became the oldest person ever to go into space.


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