‘Percy Jackson’ Stars Say They Want Zendaya and Sam Claflin to Play These Gods in Season 2

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The stars of Percy Jackson and the Olympians say they are already dreaming about which actors they want to see join the cast for future seasons.


Talking on Saturday from a Television Critics Association panel, Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri shared that they would love to see big names like Zendaya, Sam Claflin and Christopher Judge guest star for the recently announced season 2 and beyond. 

“We all talk about this all the time,” Scobell, 15, told the audience, adding that he and his co-stars are constantly having conversations with producers and directors about the currently uncast Gods of Olympus. 

“We are definitely going to see more Olympians,” said Percy Jackson executive producer Jonathan E. Steinberg regarding what fans can expect in season 2. “I think part of the show is exploring that family.” 

For the show’s stars, that exploration will hopefully include bringing on the Dune actress, 27, and Daisy Jones and the Six actor, 37, to play some of the characters who will become 

“I was watching The Hunger Games recently and I thought Sam Claflin would be a cool Apollo,” Scobell told the audience, referencing the God “of everything,” according to Britannica, whose prerogative in Greek mythology ranged from music to plagues to healing. 

“Zendaya as Athena,” added Jeffries, 14. Athena, the goddess of war, is the mother of Jeffries’ character Annabeth Chase in the show and the eponymous book series by Rick Riordan. 


Scobell and Simhadri also noted that as fans of God of War, they think that Judge — who voices Kratos in the bestselling video game — would make a perfect Atlas, the God tasked with holding up the heavens, even just based on his stature. 

Season 2 will have a high bar to uphold as season 1’s cast included names like Lin Manuel-Miranda as Hermes, Jason Mantzoukas as Dionysus, Megan Mullaly as Alecto and Lance Reddick in the role of Zeus. 

Regarding the recasting of Zeus following Reddick’s death in March 2023, Steinberg said the loss is still too fresh and they are not far enough into the season 2 process to share any news there.

“In terms of Lance, I don’t think anyone’s there yet,” Steinberg said, adding that whoever takes on the role next will have big shoes to fill. 

As far as a timeline for when season 2 will begin filming and its public release, Steinberg could not confirm concrete details but said things are certainly underway and that Riordan, 59, will return as an executive producer for the forthcoming second season.

“There’s a couple of scripts, they’re in really good shape already,” the executive producer shared, telling the crowd that their goal is to get things back up and running imminently. “The easy but true answer is as soon as possible… We all feel the demand.”


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