Shop The 23 Best TikTok-Approved Kitchen Gadgets To Refresh Your Kitchen This Spring

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From affordable dupes for luxury makeup to stylish options for workout clothes, we’d be remiss to say that TikTok isn’t brimming with brilliant ideas for improving your life. The video-sharing platform has introduced us to some seriously useful products, including kitchen gadgets and appliances designed to save time while making cooking as fun and efficient as possible.

Among the many, many TikTok trends we love, our newest favorite is “Things That I Don’t Regret Buying for My Kitchen” and other similarly titled videos. These clips — which are often posted in installments — showcase various cool kitchen gadgets, like a genius pasta maker or a sleek milk frother, with a voiceover explaining why we can’t live without them.

Some of the products we’ve seen seem truly handy, and other stuff will just look really cool on the kitchen counter (like the GE Profile Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, because who wouldn’t love nugget ice?!). But regardless of the function each of these items serves, once you have them in your kitchen, you’ll wonder where they’d been hiding all along.

Buying stuff because we saw it on the internet? Consider us influenced. Shop ET’s top 23 TikTok-approved kitchen tools below to upgrade your kitchen this spring.

@lillybaker95 Amazon item that I absolutely do not regret buying ? this set comes with everything and the color is so pretty ? #kitchen#amazon#amazonfinds#amazonmusthaves#kitchenfinds#cooking#kitchengadgets? Taste It – Ikson


You’ll find virtually every kitchen utensil under the sun in this aesthetically pleasing and practical 43-piece set.



There will be no excuse for not using fresh garlic in your recipes once you buy this mini food processor that minces and chops with ease.



Meal prep, bake and store leftovers with ease by using these lidded mixing bowls — you can serve and store salad, allow bread to rise and so much more.



Who needs to splurge on a built-in ice maker when you can use this handy mold that freezes and stores perfect little spheres of ice.



Air fryers have become an evergreen topic on TikTok. Every other video on your FYP is bound to be an air fryer hack or recipe. If you want to follow along to recipes like @foodthewrongway’s pita bread pizza, then we found the perfect air fryer for you. Plus, this 8-in-1 air fryer also comes with a recipe book of its own.



From pressure cooker receipts to hacks, everyone on TikTok is obsessed with everything related to pressure cookers. And it’s further proven by @theinstapotpage’s viral video about where to put your Instant Pot’s lid after you take it off.



Thrifting for vintage cake pans is a super popular trend on TikTok. When user @thriftingtreasure posted a TikTok about vintage pans, many users became obsessed with the sturdy brand Wilton. Though it isn’t vintage, this durable 4-piece round cake pan set by Wilton is perfect for baking.



Thanks to TikTokers like @pjmclovin, vintage Pyrex bowls and dishes have captivated everyone. While you won’t be able to find a vintage Pyrex bowl set unless you go antiquing or thrifting, Pyrex bowls are durable and long-lasting.



This glass oil dispenser allows you to easily get the right portion of your favorite cooking oil. Made popular by @simplyalfinds on TikTok, the dispenser comes with a handy brush attached to the silicone dropper. Having a brush ready makes it perfect for glazing olive oil on some fresh pizza dough before you finish it off and put it in the oven.


Sur la Table

It’s time to invest in a knife like this when you get serious about your skills in the kitchen. TikTok chef @acooknamedmatt wows us with his knife skills using a Japanese knife like this one. We could watch him all day (and we do).


Saks Fifth Avenue

KitchenAid stand mixers are an evergreen kitchen gadget. After all, @connhcruzthemodernnanay’s unboxing video went viral on TikTok. With all of KitchenAid’s attachments, you can use it to do practically anything from mixing dough to shredding cheese and even making pasta.


@notsorryimmyranda milkshakes with my sweetie! I’ve never owned a hand mixer before, but I’m loving my #acekoolhome one already! can’t wait for more recipes!!! @acekool_official ? I Wanna Know You – BLVKSHP


If you don’t have the counter space for a 5 Qt. stand mixer, this handheld blender loved my TikTok could be a great alternative for you. User @notsorryimmyranda showed off some of the hand blender’s unique features, and TikTok was obsessed. With 20 different speeds, a whisk attachment and a chopper attachment, we can see why the app loves this kitchen gadget so much.



After watching home chefs like @cookingwithdarryl on TikTok prepare everything from restaurant-worthy chicken fried rice to mouth-watering grilled sandwiches, we were sold.



For many people, nugget ice cubes (like the kind Sonic uses) provide an inexplicable sense of joy. Now you can make your own with this countertop ice maker appliance from GE Profile, which produces up to 24 pounds of those glorious cubes per day without requiring a water hookup. This model has been making the rounds on TikTok, and we spotted it in an Amazon haul from @brianneboston.



Derek Hough has been busy both at work — he’s the newest judge on “Dancing With the Stars” — and in the kitchen, posting a clever TikTok about this stainless steel chopper as a riff on the Auntie Hammy “Pew Pew Pew” trend.



You might not be a pro in the kitchen, but you’ll sure look like one with these super-efficient salt and pepper grinders. We caught a glimpse of these in @cookingwithdarryl’s chicken fried rice TikTok.



Part kitchen gadget, part science experiment! Make your own pint of homemade ice cream in about 20 minutes with a combination of rock salt, ice, ice cream mix and hand-powered energy — the ice cream forms by rolling the ball steadily rather than using electricity. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball a fun way to create DIY desserts, and we discovered it via @rachelhutchens1.



There are so many cool features on this 14-ounce portable blender, which allows you to make and drink smoothies on the go. It charges with a USB cord, is the perfect size to throw in your gym bag and comes with a silicone ice cube tray. See it in action on @toponlinefinds’ TikTok page.



You could slice your bagels the old-fashioned way with a knife, or you could have fun with it and use this satisfying kitchen gadget. TikTok user @teresalauracaruso demonstrates it in white, but we love this aqua shade, too. Other reasons to purchase? It’s dishwasher-safe and also works its magic on muffins, rolls and buns.



I finally made ratatouille ? my life is now complete ? (also thank you guys for 40k followers!) ##TikTokFood##cooking##ratatouille##fyp

? ratatouille – Jalen


If you’re looking to make aesthetically pleasing sliced vegetables, you’re going to need this mandoline with 5 interchangeable blades.



Nothing says “welcome to pasta TikTok” like a real-deal pasta maker. Chef Ryan Peters (aka @peterspasta on TikTok) makes videos and noodles that are incredibly satisfying to watch. This machine can create spaghetti, fettuccine and penne noodles.


West Elm

We fell in love with Smeg’s retro toaster last year, and now we need the brand’s milk frother after seeing this TikTok from @veggiekins. Apparently, it looks and froths like a dream.



Go from cluttered to streamlined in an instant with this ingenious drawer organizer. Need proof? TikTok user @paytonmelphy demonstrates just how easy it is to declutter.



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