Simu Liu makes his hosting debut on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ See his top moments

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The “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star talked about being the Marvel superhero.
“I am officially Marvel’s first openly Chinese superhero,” he laughed during his opening monologue.
He added: “A lot of people ask me how I landed a role in a Marvel movie. The truth is, I got Shang-Chi how every Canadian gets their big break, by asking politely.”
See Simu Liu’s top ‘SNL’ moments:

Karaoke All-Stars

Liu took part in a karaoke segment where he played a guy who couldn’t quite hit the high notes while singing at a bar. Then he took on the role of a “finance bro trying to get laid.”

Republican or Not

Game show contestants Liu and Ego Nwodim are given clues to try to identify which guests are Republicans.
“I think Facebook is evil,” the contestant says.
Liu’s character responds, saying, “Oh wow, because they’re spreading disinformation or because they banned Donald Trump?”

911 call

A group of professors smoke marijuana and get so high that they think they are dead. The professors take turns calling 911 with Liu’s character telling the dispatcher, “My name is Alan and I am dead.” He added, “Will you still be able to get here even though I’m not where time is?”

Thanksgiving baking champion

They pretend to do a Food Network bake-off, and they’re all making festive cakes for Thanksgiving. Liu plays Mike, an amateur baker and rapper. “My name is Mike, and I’m here to bake,” he raps before trailing off. He makes two cakes and reveals that he baked them wrong. Let’s just say the cakes don’t look edible.

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