‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2 First Look: Maddi Reese’s Relationship Rocked by Cheating Scandal (Exclusive)

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Once a cheater, always a cheater? That’s what Maddi Reese is set to find out on season 2 of Bravo’s Southern Hospitality.


In ET’s exclusive sneak peek at the Southern Charmspinoff’s return, VIP hostess Maddi is forced to face the facts of her relationship with one-time co-worker Trevor Stokes, whose alleged infidelities become the talk of their small town. Co-stars Emmy Sharrett, Will Kulp and Mia Alario all jump on a FaceTime to debrief the drama, offering a collective “I told you so” following season 1’s many warnings about what kind of guy the group found Trevor to be.

Fans will recall, Leva Bonaparte‘s staffers were not huge fans of Trevor in season 1, when he and Maddi got back together, as they knew he wasn’t faithful to Maddi previously.

“He already publicly embarrassed you once, I don’t see why he wouldn’t do it again,” Bradley Carter warns in a confessional, before getting what feels like karmic revenge on Maddi by breaking the news of a supposed makeout session between Trevor and a mystery woman to her. In season 1, Maddi accused Bradley of lewd behavior in the alleyway behind their bar with a woman who wasn’t his girlfriend. 

“She’s dick-matized, for sure,” Lucía Peña remarks to Mia, before Maddi tearfully confesses she “believed [Trevor] when he said he would never do it again.” 

Watch it all play out here:

Maddi later confronts Trevor, screams at him about being a “f**king liar,” rips his phone out of his hand and slams it on the ground.

“You liar!” she shouts, before the first look cuts to a sit-down confrontation between Maddi and what appears to be the other woman. That conversation takes a physical turn, with Maddi bucking at her to-be-revealed adversary.

“You f**ked my boyfriend, you’re f**king trash!” she exclaims. 

ET spoke with Maddi and Leva at BravoCon in Las Vegas, just as the season 2 trailer made its debut. They previewed a bumpy road ahead for fans.

“We had problems at work, and then instant problems in our relationships, and I feel like everything is so complicated right off the rip,” Maddi said. “It was a lot instantly.”

“I feel like first episode is gonna be like a finale,” Leva teased. “You guys are just gonna be like, ‘What?! How do we go on from this?'”

Southern Hospitality returns to Bravo on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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