‘Summer House’ Sneak Peek: Jesse Solomon Fears Craig Conover ‘Beef’ After Flirting With Paige DeSorbo

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Jesse Solomon has some concerns about Paige DeSorbo‘s boyfriend hitting up Summer House.


In ET’s preview of Thursday’s all-new episode, Jesse meets up with fellow newbie roomie West Wilson for a little bro time in the city ahead of heading back to the Hamptons for another weekend at their summer share. As the pair gets manicure-pedicures, Jesse makes mention of how it’ll be “fun” to have Paige back in the mix after she didn’t head out east the weekend before. West’s quick to note she’s bringing her “mans,” Southern Charm star Craig Conover, with her.

“Are you going to ask Paige if Craig will be your boy or just go in, just chill?” West wonders. 

“Nah, if he doesn’t want to be my boy, that’s on him,” Jesse says. “I’m a nice, friendly guy.”

“I would think that, at least, she hypes us up,” West muses. 

“Yeah… or she was like, ‘Jesse flirts with me,'” Jesse replies, as their dude date flashes back to Jesse’s first day at the house, the group’s annual 4th of July party, at which he maybe came onto Paige a little more than he intended.

“There is a small part of me that’s like, I hope this guy’s chill, because he could take this the wrong way and try to beef with me,” Jesse says in confessional.

“What is flirting nowadays?” West asks. “Funny jokes?”

“Talking, laughing?” Jesse offers.

“If he was, like, gonna be weird about it, like, I would have to be weird back,” Jesse adds back in his interview. When a producer asks for clarity on what “be weird” means,” Jesse clarifies it means he “would have to hit on Paige.” 

“I don’t like drama, but there’s definitely still potential for that,” he tells West. “If he’s insecure, he’ll start problems with me.”

Watch it play out here:

Judging by the trailer released ahead of the season, this does get weird for Jesse, as Kyle Cooke will later ask him, “Do you want to rethink how hard you were hitting on her the first couple weekends,” eliciting a shocked face from Ciara Miller.

Speaking of, West shares a little romance update with Ciara in ET’s sneak peek. He downloads Jesse on the latest developments in their could-be relationship. After a “movie night” date in the city, Ciara invited West for a “full sleepover” back at her place… but it did not pass first base. 

“I’ve been on first base going on 10 days,” West laments. That, for some reason, inspires Jesse to ask if West is even ready to welcome a partner in his life with his “work situation the way it is right now.” 

“Obviously getting laid off is f**king humbling,” the sportswriter tells his bud. “I thought any media company would take me right away; it didn’t happen.”

“A few months ago I got laid off,” he explains in a confessional of his own. “New York is not a fun place to have been laid off at all and pay rent. We’re a few months away from panic mode, but not… not just yet. That’s why I escape it and hang out with f**king friends and all that s**t, to not have to think that far ahead.”

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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