‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Confronts His Mom About Having Kids With a Married Man, His Father (Exclusive)

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Pedro is talking about a painful part of his family history in this exclusive clip from The Family Chantel. In this clip from Monday’s brand new episode, Pedro talks to his grandmother and his mother in the Dominican Republic about how his mother, Lidia, ended up getting involved with his absent father, who was already married at the time.


Pedro’s grandmother says his father saw his mother walking home from school one day and fell in love. When Lidia comments that his car was always full of packages, Pedro asks if she was “a gold digger then.”

“You have to see things the way they were, that he used to come here with a loaded car,” she responds. “It’s true. And if we needed something, he would get it.”

When Pedro asks what she did when he found out he was married, she bluntly answers, “Well, we were already together. What did you want?”

When Pedro remarks that even after his mom had him, she chose to have another child with his father — his younger sister, Nicole — his grandmother says that’s the way it is in their culture and points out that his grandfather also had children out of wedlock.

Lidia notes, “The grandfather, the great grandfather, all of them they were all like that. It’s a cycle.”

Pedro is upset and says he has a problem with them “looking for married men,” but his mom says that was the “opportunity” at the time and that his dad never told her he already had a wife and kids when they met. His mom and grandma also once again stress that in Dominican culture, the men are always “single.” But Pedro says that in his case, he is loyal to his wife, Chantel.

“I am married to one and won’t have children with another,” he notes, as Nicole also agrees that her boyfriend, Alejandro, will only have kids with her.

Pedro then walks out and says it’s a “lost cause,” referring to Nicole dating Alejandro, who’s still legally married to his wife.

“When grandma got married, the man had kids. When you got married too,” he says, pointing at his mom. “She’s on the same road. Why bother?”

The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.


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