‘Tiger King 2’ Preview: More People Come Forward About Disappearance of Carole Baskin’s Second Husband

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Don Lewis will be a topic of conversation on Tiger King 2. In the first clip of the second installment of Netflix’s wildly popular docuseries, several people discuss Lewis and the events leading up to his 1997 disappearance.


Lewis was Tiger King star Carole Baskin‘s second husband, who vanished a day before a scheduled trip to Costa Rica and was never found. Lewis was declared legally dead in 2002.

“During his last few trips, Don looked worried. He told me he was in danger. He said it was over money. He had some problems with some people in the U.S.,” one man says in the clip. “They were really bad men. I asked, ‘Bad men?’ He said, ‘Very, very bad.’ ‘They will kill you,’ he said. ‘Bang.'”

Alan Schreier, Baskin’s ex-boyfriend, claims that the cat conservationist told him that Lewis “hung around with a lot of unscrupulous type of people.”

“Maybe he stuck somebody for some money and they caught up with him,” Schreier speculates. “When I first got with her, I asked her a question to make me feel comfortable. ‘What happened? What was your husband like? What was the story?’ He did horrible things to Carole.”

Another man notes, “After all, whatever Don liked to do, I believe he was a good man, but by then, he made a mess.”

Baskin recently spoke out against Tiger King 2, and filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Royal Goode Productions, LLC, for using footage of her in the second installment, according to court docs obtained by ET. Netflix had no comment when ET reached out.

When ET’s Nischelle Turner spoke to Baskin earlier this month, she discussed her decision not to be a part of Tiger King 2, as well as her new Discovery+ series, Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight.

“They had been going around to people who were in Tiger King, asking them to sign new release forms, so as soon as they contacted me, they said, ‘Hey, we just wanna clear the air,’ and I said, ‘Lose my number,’ and that was the end of it,” she said.

But, Baskin told ET, she’ll still be watching the Netflix docuseries.

“I’ll have to,” she explained, “because no matter what ends up being in it, you know they’re gonna trash talk me again, and so I have to be prepared to do what I did last time and say, ‘No, here’s all of the evidence that proves these lies are lies.’ And so I’ll have to be able to do that.”

Tiger King 2 will debut on Netflix Nov. 17.


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