Trisha Paytas Shows Off Bedazzled Lions and ‘Beetlejuice’ D?cor in Wild Home Tour (Exclusive)

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Opening her doors to the world. Trisha Paytas has created a fun and eclectic home for herself, her husband and their daughter — and now the YouTube star is welcoming ET inside for a grand tour.


Paytas recently invited ET’s Denny Directo for an exclusive look around her expectedly unique digs and showed how she set the tone for visitors right off the bat with what she calls her “bling tiger” — a stunning, sparkling, jewel-encrusted life-size tiger sculpture that stands proudly in her entryway.

According to Paytas, the bold statement piece is more than just a fun bit of d?cor — it’s also a way to celebrate her 8-month-old daughter, Malibu Barbie, whom she shares with husband Moses Hacmon.

“Our daughter is the year of the tiger in Chinese zodiac,” Paytas shared. “So whatever our next baby will be, if it’s a bunny or dragon, we’re gonna get it bedazzled.”

Paytas revealed that she and her husband “are trying” for a second baby, and they are hoping it will happen sometime soon.

The Bling Tiger also has a special significance for Paytas, as she explained, “One of the first movies we watched together was Life of Pi, so the tiger has such symbolism. So it’s the first thing you see when you come into our entryway. It’s our little guard cat.”

From the importance of movies in her life to the name she and her husband chose for their baby girl, it’s clear the key role pop culture and media play in Paytas’ life and happiness — which is clearly reflected in her dining room.

Inspired by a film that influences Paytas quite a bit when she was younger, her entire dining room is decked out like the dining room from the classic 1988 horror comedy Beetlejuice — complete with gothic-industrial chairs, a black table, recreations of the movie’s iconic surreal art and candelabras.

“It was so scary for our generation but it’s so great!” a beaming Paytas said of the beloved Tim Burton classic. “I always think of it in my head, and I was like, ‘I want a dining room like that!'”

Paytas explained that the picture-perfect pieces were actually created by her husband after she expressed her desire to have a Beetlejuice-themed dining room.

“He designs furniture, he does interior design, and he said, ‘OK, if you want a Beetlejuice table!’ He did it. Like, he took the screenshots, did edges and everything exactly.”

Paytas’ love for bedazzled goods continues in her kitchen, where everything from her cups to her condiments is covered in crystals.

“I love bling,” she explained. “I love like this kind of bling too, because it’s not like it’s diamonds where you feel like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to be so careful with it. You can just take it [anywhere].”

Another location in Paytas’ home where her personality shines most brightly is the neon pink nursery/bedroom themed entirely around her daughter’s fictional namesake.

“I had so many Malibu Barbies before she was even born, but then when she was born people gave us Malibu Barbies,” Paytas said, referring to her collection of the iconic dolls. Paytas even has an original Barbie, as designed by Ruth Handler — a vintage treasure that she looks forward to her daughter enjoying in the future.

“[Life] has changed so much, for the better, I feel like,” Paytas shared while reflecting on how she’s enjoyed motherhood since she welcomed their little girl back in September. “There’s still the funess, and I still can cosplay and do crazy things, but it’s just better now, ’cause I have a little partner and it’s just so fun.”

“Nothing else matters once you have a kid,” Paytas said with a smile. “It’s like, that’s all that matters and nothing else matters, so, like, I’m oblivious to everything in the world. It’s great!”

Fans can follow Paytas’ parenting journey on her YouTube channels — @blndsundoll4mj as well as @TrishaPaytasASMR.


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