We Tried the MYX Exercise Bike — and It’s on Sale for Black Friday

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With Black Friday days away, ’tis the season for saving! Of course there are deals on everything from gaming consoles and TVs to kitchen tools and coffee makers. And there are also loads of Black Friday fitness deals, and at-home gym equipment, weights and even athletic wear are all fa-la-la-la-fair game.


As you’ll read below, the full MYX studio setup has a lot to offer. And right now the MYX Fitness bike and MYX Fitness studio are on sale as part of the MYX Black Friday sale. Use code GEARUP250 to save $250 on the bike. What’s more, MYX is offering free delivery and install (worth $200) and they’re tossing in the weight rack (a $150 value) for a total savings of $600. Happy holidays, indeed!

MYX Fitness


We were intrigued by the MYX Fitness bike and studio. Their “heart rate-based” training solutions claim to help you meet your goals by centering workouts around three personally calibrated heart rate zones.

So when MYX offered us the chance to check out their MYX II Plus studio, we had to see if it lived up to the hype.

Hi! I’m Doriean, ET’s e-commerce editor!

I’ve been hesitant to return to a gym since the COVID-19 pandemic began. So like so many people I know, I was in the market for an at-home gym solution.

For years, I’ve primarily done yoga supplemented with group class weight training and cardio, so I’m used to needing little more than a mat and a membership to work out. As I began shopping for a home workout studio, I was pretty overwhelmed. I was leaning toward an exercise bike because I loved the idea of building cycling strength and using the gym equipment I had at home, but I needed to make sure the connected app offered a wide variety of class options because I like to switch things up.

Enter the MYX Fitness studio.

MYX Studio details: The MYX II Plus includes the MYX II stationary bike, a set of three hand weights, a kettle bell, a workout mat, a foam roller, a resistance band and a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor.

The Price: The MYX II Studio is $1,599 (the bike starts at $1,399 on its own.) The Openfit app is $39 per month after a free trial period.

The Black Friday Deal: Right now during their Black Friday sale, save $250 with code GEARUP, enjoy free delivery (worth $200) and get a $150 weight rack at no cost.

Benefits: A variety of heart rate-based workouts designed to help you get the most out of your workouts no matter how much time you have.

My Review:

I’ll admit I wasn’t in the best shape when the bike arrived. The pandemic weight is real, and I sustained an admittedly clumsy knee injury a few weeks before the delivery date. (Reminder: Please consult your doctor before trying any new exercise routine! My physical therapy team walked me through exercises, so I felt ready to take on the MYX stationary exercise bike.) And with that, let’s get into it!

Delivery and install were a breeze. The bike was fully assembled for me, and I got a high-level overview of its features. The standout: The MYX II Plus’ big screen that swivels all the way around, making it easy to take classes on and off of the bike.Their cross-training classes allow you to do both in one session!

ET Online

The first thing I needed to do was a calibration ride so that every workout going forward would be personalized to my three heart rate zones. This is way more than a “slow down” prompt when the monitor feels my heart rate going too high. The trainers guide you through each level and explain how holding steady in each one can help build stamina and heart health. For me, this has been a more sustainable way of doing cardio than I’m used to.

With the MYX + Openfit combo, I’m able to take advantage of both on-demand and live classes. There’s not only cycling, but also yoga, barre, running, HIIT and even kickboxing. Luckily, new users get a 14-day free trial of Openfit. For me, two weeks was just enough time for me to get acquainted with the bike and begin feeling like I was gaining momentum in my fitness journey.

I’ve taken classes from a few different trainers and they all have something different to offer. My favorite so far is Dyan. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, which makes me feel like I’m riding with a bud.

And while I love the funny things Dyan says, my favorite feature is the ability to turn up the music without having to increase the trainer’s volume too. This way I can jam out to the hip-hop and ’80s music like I’m in a real studio during my favorite classes: Rhythm Rides.

I’m just shy of one month into using my MYX II Plus at-home fitness studio and I’m really enjoying having everything I need for a full workout in one corner of my room.


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