Where Alex Hall and Tyler Stalanand Stand and More ‘Selling the OC’ Season 3 Questions Answered (Exclusive)

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If you’ve binged through season 3 of Selling the OCalready, you might have some lingering questions. 


Lucky for you, ET sat down with the stars of the show — Alex Hall, Polly Brindle, Lauren Shortt, Gio Helou, Alexandra Jarvis, Kayla Cardona, Jason Oppenheim, Brandi Marshall, Ali Harper, Austin Victoria and Alexandra Rose — to fill in some of those blanks. Read on for updates on everything from Alex and Tyler’s relationship, to why Alex lied about the Kayla podcast comments, whether Ali has her real estate license yet and if Gio’s sold his family home. 

What happened to Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland after the season finale?

Season 3 leaned into the “will they or won’t they” saga of Alex and Tyler, with the two dabbling in dating, but Tyler ultimately coming off a bit commitment-phobic. Alex started seeing a mystery man off camera, who whisked her away on multiple trips to Europe. In the season finale, Tyler attempted to sway Hall once again, pleading with her to skip out on a planned Italian getaway with her TikTok exec beau and, instead, give whatever they have between them an honest shot. While the episode ended with a cliffhanger, it seems safe to assume she opted to go abroad over picking Tyler.

“Tyler and I don’t speak,” Alex confesses. “I haven’t spoken to him since very shortly after he left the Oppenheim Group, or maybe the day that it was announced.”

Soon after season 2 premiered, Tyler announced he was parting ways with the brokerage at the center of the show, and going to work for his father’s real estate empire instead. 

“I had a conversation with him, there was some revelations that were made — not by his choice, but some things that came to the surface — that gave me some understanding and clarity on why certain things progressed… or didn’t progress throughout season 3,” Alex says. “[That] kind of gave me the closure that I needed, I guess. So, I felt it was so confusing throughout the whole season. And I’m like, I’m not used to this. Like, what’s going on? And obviously I take accountability for my lack of certain things as well, but things that you guys didn’t see on the show…”


While Alex didn’t want to elaborate on what came to light in that conversation — “I’m not gonna air Tyler’s dirty laundry” — she does say it gave her “a much better understanding” of who Tyler is, or presents himself to be. 

“When the cameras weren’t around, I got a completely different side of Tyler,” she explains. “I think he’s very good at swooning, if you will, and telling me — and maybe even other people — what they wanna hear.”

“I wish him nothing but the best,” she adds. “I just don’t want to be dragged through it any further.”

For more of Alex’s thoughts on Tyler and comments made by his ex-wife, Brittany Snow, about the Selling the OC drama on Call Her Daddy, click here.

Why did Alex Hall lie about trashing Kayla Cardona on a podcast?

About halfway through the season, a podcast interview Alex did became a point of contention for the women in the office. After a promotional teaser for the appearance circulated on social media, in which Alex suggested one of her co-workers needed mental health help, Jarvis, Ali, Brandi and Kayla questioned her on a group beach outing about who she was referencing. They all suspected it was Kayla — which, when the episode dropped, was true — but Alex was adamant, she wasn’t speaking about anyone from the office.

“That day … was, like, one of the most confusing things I’ve ever [experienced],” Ali recalls. “I mean, Brandi and I started thinking, like, ‘Well, maybe she’s talking about us…”

“It’s called gaslighting,” Brandi interjects.

“Here’s what’s unfortunate is, that I do a lot of podcasts,” Alex offers. “I’m juggling a lot, and unfortunately, for me in that situation, I genuinely didn’t remember that it was about Kayla, even though it seemed like all of the other girls already knew. It seemed like they had been brewing on this. Obviously, the podcast was very readily available for anybody to listen to, which they had. And so asking me the question, when it seems like they probably already knew the answer that it was Kayla, I think speaks more about them than it does me.”


Alex says she was trying to protect her peace in that moment, and actually suspected she had been bashing Brandi, not Kayla, in the comments. 

“I didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole with Brandi, because I just try to avoid her like the plague,” she notes, a nod to their season 2 falling out. “And also, that podcast had been done months and months and months prior to it coming out on the show.”

Alex also claims context was cut out of the episodes; she recalls calling up the podcast host on camera to find out who she was speaking about and he told her it was not Kayla. 

“He was confused, I was confused, then it got out and he’s like, ‘S**t! I’m sorry!’ I’m like, it’s not a big deal,” she says. “I said it. I didn’t write it in my diary. I went on a podcast, you know? I think everybody knows me, that watches the show, I’m very direct, pretty honest. I say it how it is. I don’t skirt around the truth. And so that stung because it looked like I was lying in the moment, and it really f**king stung.”

Ali Harper confronts Alex Hall on season 3 of ‘Selling the OC.’ – Netflix

Ali confronted Alex about the whole situation in one of season 3’s most memorable scenes, which found her banging on the windows of an open house to get Rose’s attention inside. She only made the move after Alex attempted to redirect the conversation to be about something negative Ali once said about Rose, and used her glass-pounding force to quickly refocus the conversation.

“That was the window knock that was quite literally heard all over the world,” Ali laughs. “It sounded like I was a construction worker with a sledgehammer, like, just breaking down the Empire State Building.”

“Kayla didn’t need me to cause a scene, stand up for her and bang on a window, but at the end of the day I did because I’ve never had friends, or other people in my life, speak like that about people that I love,” Ali says.

“By the time the new girl came up to me and was saying all of that stuff, I was done,” Alex says of her interaction with Ali. “I’m like, I don’t need to talk to you about it. I don’t know you, you wanna yap, yap, yap like a little chihuahua. Like, calm down. We’re at a brokers’ event. That’s not how you behave, and I was not trying to give that life. And then her storming off crying, as if I was gaslighting her? Like, she was crying because she made a fool of herself. Like, let’s be honest.”

Alex eventually apologized to Kayla and offered a fresh slate, but it appears the two are keeping their distance after season 3.

Does Ali Harper have her real estate license yet?

The short answer is, no. Despite all of season 3 following her journey to officially becoming a realtor, the Tennessee native tells ET she’s waiting on California to accept her application to take the state exam. She also hasn’t really relocated to Orange County. 

“Lucas and I, my fiancé, we are based in Nashville — that’s never changed,” she notes. “We have our house there and family is there, and so is his work.”

Did Gio sell his family home?

One of Ali’s real estate “tests” in season 3 was manning an open house for Gio’s family home, to mixed reviews. She struggled with questions from potential buyers, potentially losing offers. Months later, though, Gio says the house is finally in escrow!

“Early days,” he cautions. “It had been an escrow prior and it didn’t work out. So time will tell.”

Will there be a season 4?

The cast of ‘Selling the OC’ attends their derby-themed season finale. – Netflix

This is TBD, but there’s plenty of new story to explore should cameras pick back up on the goings-on at the Oppenheim Group. Tyler Jarvis and Sean Palmieri have both announced their departures from the brokerage.

“We need some fresh blood,” Alex suggests.

“Do more business, have more fun,” Polly adds. “We need some more guys in the office. That would be great. Just keep on keeping on.”

All episodes of Selling the OC are now streaming on Netflix. For more from the cast — including their feelings on the drama with Sean, Austin and Tyler — click here, or watch the video below.


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